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Salvatore Ferragamo Notes

Hey beauty lovers,

Salvatore Ferragamo was known to be a shoemaker. In fact, he used to say…

Such passion is inspiring, right?

But, Salvatore Ferragamo is no longer only a footwear brand, having expanded his operations to many other sectors, such as fragrances.

- Insert history lesson -

However, it is important to share a quick history lesson on the Italian luxury power house. Salvatore Ferragamo was a poor farmer boy from Bonito, a small village 100km South of Naples. But it was his work for Hollywood, where he had moved to, that ensured the recognition and worldwide fame, dressing stars like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe.In 1927, the business went (back) to Italy, to Florence and Salvatore showed that he was an inventor and a visionnaire, besides a simple shoemaker; when he died in 1960, he had filed 350 patents and created 20'000 designs, leaving the business to his widow and children, who kept developing it to what we now know.

- The End -

Maybe due to the large family and being a family-run business until today, Salvatore Ferragamo Perfumes have been developed in-house until now. However, an agreement with Inter Parfums was made in late 2021, to produce and further develop the beauty business for the Salvatore Ferragamo house. Up until now the perfumes have been created in collaboration with the following perfumers Jacques Cavallier, Jean-Pierre Mary, Pierre Bourdon, Alberto Morillas, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Annick Menardo, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Francis Kurkdjian, Olivier Polge, Antoine Maisondieu, Sophie Labbe, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Laurent Bruyere, Antoine Lie, Jean Jacque, Beatrice Piquet, Sonia Constant, Louise Turner, Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann, Nicolas Beaulieuu, Nicolas Beaulieu, Alienor Massenet, Alexandra Carlin, Fabrice Pellegrin, Luca Maffei, Serge Majoullier, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, Alex Lee, Domitille Michalon Bertier, Lucas Sieuzac and Aurelien Guichard.

Here is a timeline of the perfumes under the Salvatore Ferragamo name:

1960 - Gilio

1971 - F de Ferragamo

1976 - Monsieur F de Ferragamo

1998 - Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme

1999 - Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme

2002 - Parfum Subtil

2003 - Subtil Pour Homme, Incanto, Incanto Pour Homme

2005 - Incanto Dream

2006 - F by Ferragamo, Incanto Charms, Incanto Essential Pour Homme

2007 - F by Ferragamo Pour Homme, F for Fascinating, Incanto Heaven, Incanto Shine

2008 - Tuscan Soul

2009 - F by Ferragamo Black, F for Fascinating Night, Incanto Bliss

2010 - Attimo, Incanto Bloom

2011 - Attimo L'Eau Florale, Attimo Pour Homme, F by Ferragamo Free Time, F for Fascinating Crystal Edition, Incanto Pour Homme Blue, Signorina

2012 - Incanto Lovely Flower, Signorina Eau de Toilette

2013 - Acqua Essenziale, Signorina Limited Edition, Bianco di Carrara (2013), Convivio (2013), Vendemmia (2013), Viola Essenziale (2013)

2014 - Acqua Essenziale Blu, Attimo Black Musk Pour Homme, Signorina Eau de Parfum, Signorina Eleganza Limited Edition, Incanto Amity, Incanto Bloom (2014), Signorina Eleganza, Signorina Leather Edition, Golden Acacia, Incense Suede, White Mimosa, Punta Ala (2014), Terra Rossa

2015 - Acqua Essenziale Colonia, Emozione

2016 - Emozione Dolce Fiore, Incanto Heaven Golden Petals Edition, Incanto Sky, Signorina In Rosso, Signorina Misteriosa, Leather Rose, La Coret (2016), Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo

2017 - Emozione Dolce Fiore Eau de Parfum, Emozione Rosa Orientale, Signorina In Fiore, La Commedia (2017), Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Casual Life

2018 - Amo Ferragamo, Amo Ferragamo Limited Edition, Signorina In Fiore Fashion Edition, Signorina Limited Edition 2018, Bianco di Carrara, Calimala, Convivio, La Commedia, La Corte, Punta Ala, Rinascimento, Terra Rossa, Testa di Moro, Vendemmia, Viola Essenziale, Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Limited Edition, Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Signature

2019 - Amo Ferragamo Flowerful, Amo Ferragamo Holiday Edition 2019, Gilio, Signorina Eau de Parfum Holiday Edition 2019, Signorina Ribelle, Bianco di Carrara Limited Edition 2019, Gentil Suono, Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Urban Feel

2020 - Amo Ferragamo Per Lei, Ferragamo, Signorina Fashion Edition 2020, Signorina In Fiore Fashion Edition 2020, Signorina Misteriosa Fashion Edition 2020, Signorina Ribelle Fashion Edition 2020, Cupola

2021 - Ferragamo Intense Leather, Ferragamo Spicy Leather, Giardini di Seta, Giungle di Seta, Musky Booster, Oceani di Seta, Savane di Seta, Woody Booster, Salvatore Ferragamo Oud

Following the house creator's words, beauty lovers, have you discovered any Salvatore Ferragamo scent you always knew? If not, I encourage you to give it a try ;)


(From Moi, Per Toi)