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Tous Notes

Hey beauty lovers,

This is the story of another luxury powerhouse; this time it is a Spanish one and its main symbol is a teddy bear.

I must confess that I always considered teddy bears in luxury a little bit like a peterpan complex on adult women, however, it comes to mind the likes of Moschino or Pandora, which also have a teddy bear in their ADN. But here we are, and I recently got my hands on the new Tous - LoveMe Onyx Parfum and I simply adore it: and there is also that coveted coat Teddy from Max Mara (that is also on my wishlist!).

- Insert history lesson -

Tous is a Spanish jewelry company founded in 1920 by Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas. It started as a watch repair workshop and gradually transitioned to jewelry. But it was his son's wife Rosa Oriol who developed in 1985 the iconic and company signature bear, which was inspired by a teddy bear she saw on her travels and sought to recapture in gold. The Tous bear became a success and is now always present in their collections in some form. Tous remains a 3rd generation family-run business, in the hands of the daughters of Salvador and Rosa - Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta, and has expanded to baby gear, handbags and small accessories.

- The End -

Tous perfumes are produced by Perfumes y Diseños in collaboration with the perfumers Daphne Bugey, Nicolas Beaulieu, Nathalie Lorson, Sonia Constant, Sophie Labbe, Mathilde Bijaoui, Fabrice Pellegrin, Corinne Cachen, Veronique Nyberg, Violaine Collas, Benoist Lapouza, Olivier Cresp, Domitille Michalon Bertier, Christian Alori, Christine Nagel, Shyamala Maisondieu, Michel Girard, Stephanie de Saint-Aignan, Richard Fraysse, Mark Buxton, Vincent Schaller, Alienor Massenet, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Gilles Romey, Pierre Wargnye, Vincent Salaire, Elise Benat and Ane Ayo.

See below the timeline of their perfume launches throughout the years:

1920 - 1920 The Origin, 1920 The Origin Eau de Toilette

2002 - Gold, Tous

2004 - Tous Man

2005 - Violet

2006 - Summer, Touch

2007 - Baby, Green Purpurine

2008 - Metallic, Tous In Heaven Her, Tous in Heaven Him

2009 - H2O

2010 - Tous Man Sport

2011 - Tous L'Eau pour le Corps, Tous L'Eau Eau de Toilette

2012 - Tous Kids Boy, Tous Kids Girl, Sensual Touch

2013 - Rosa, Tous Man intense

2014 - Love Moments, Tous Garden Edition, Rosa Eau Legere, Touch Flower Edition

2015 - Happy Moments, Neon Candy, Floral Touch

2016 - Tous Les Colognes Concentrées, Tous Man Les Colognes Concentrées

2017 - Bonjour Señorita, Floral Touch So Fresh

2018 - Oh! The Origin, Your Moments

2019 - Gems Power, The Luminous Gold

2020 - Oh! The Origin Eau de Toilette, LoveMe

2021 - Tous Gems Party, LoveMe Onyx Parfum

As you read about their heritage you come to realize this is a company born out of work, in fact one of their strongest values is exactly teamwork and another lovely thing is to read how this company is committed to a strong female presence in its operation: an astonishing 89% of the company staff are women.

How can you not admire the teddy bear company?


(From Moi, Per Toi)