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Dear Sophie, I am writing to you, swaying to the sound of a couple of birds called Horneros; you can find them mainly in Argentina, where I am now. What are they talking about? I love your singing language. Every sound is like an invention. So here I am, offering you a duet, like an echo to theirs. You probably know this idiom: “It takes two to tango”. Argentina is definitely the country where you can share ideas and creativity with a kindred spirit! Let's try to imagine the rose dance. A surprise dance, where the steps are not predefined. While I'm enjoying my stay in Buenos Aires, I look forward to seeing this olfactory choreography, where the rose stands out. After all, a city called “good air”, being far from the swamps, is the best sign to create a perfume, isn't it? The Horneros have stopped singing, so my letter is ready. Clara.