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Irish Leather

Eau de Parfum

Memo Paris

Eau de Parfum


One of those cold, biting mornings. Pink pepper. The sun peeks through the heavy gray clouds. Sage oil. The wind slips through your clothes. Juniper berries. Morning dew wets the grass. Finally, the stable, the wooden doors, the burning smell of leather, wood, amber and honey. An old odor. Absolute matte green. The soft neigh of the horse. Fluve oil. The smell of freedom. Leather created in the wind, grass is heated by wood. Tonka Bean Absolute. Irish leather gallops on the horizon.

Olfactory Family

Olfactory families are used to classify scents according to their main olfactory characteristic.

  • Leather

Top Notes

Lasting 5-15 minutes.

  • Juniper Berry

Heart Notes

Lasting up to 2-4 hours.

  • Green Matte Absolute

Base Notes

Lasting more than 4 hours.

  • Leather Accord
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