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Ocean Leather


Dear Aliénor, I dreamed of Moby Dick and it was not a nightmare to meet that mythical whale. It was kind and friendly as it was unarmed. As peaceful as the ocean, your home. For the first time, I left land to explore the majesty of the sea and discovered the most imposing animal. It's strange how immoderate can take over at night. For this whale and for the ocean, I would like an excessive scent too. A scent like a quest, an epic, a sailor's tale, who would have seen the beast coming from the depths, sharing its path, to an eternal memory, made of silk, skin, vastness and fullness. Your body is a surprise. So big and yet it slips in the water. Your skin looks like the quickest and most agile leather. I have already thought of its ivory, its amber, the oil it secretes, and therefore I desire the noblest ingredients, precious essences. I saw its jet of water vapor, its intensity in the blue expanse. I imagine this in a bottle. Sincerely, Clara.