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Dear Philippe, Come meet me in Portugal! I got to know a warm city, which immediately introduced me to its architecture and vegetation. I had the feeling that I had always known them. I would like you to know too. The architecture of the palace gives it movement, in golden yellow and coral red. Isn't it ravishing? It is a summer palace, a madness where all the boldness is allowed, the mixture of styles and eras. Its extravagant colors, shapes and staircases evoke a delicacy and a talent of genius. The palace is set in a lush garden with a wide variety of species. Impressive. I am now sure that I built a similar castle as a little girl, and I can also admit that in its towers and in its nooks, I hid my sweets. If childhood is involved, then all that is missing from this panorama is a scent. What do you think of this? Clara.