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3-in-1 Perfect

Blondes Nº01


Blondes Nº01
Blondes Nº01
Browns Nº02
Brunettes Nº03


3-in-1 pencil for perfect eyebrows in seconds. This brand new 3-in-1 product lets you outline, fill and set your brows in three simple steps: Step 1: The coloured pencil of 3-in-1 PERFECT BROW draws, reshapes and outlines the arch of your brow with a soft, light and easily adjustable line. The formula contains high-melting waxes that guarantee hold, precision and a long-lasting line. Step 2: The blending applicator makes the pencil colour even more regular and uniform, for natural and perfectly redefined brows. Step 3: The fixative mascara is a soft, coloured mousse, rich in nylon fibres, that sculpts, fixes and make your eyebrows thicker and more defined. Perfect brows to enhance intense and seductive eyes.