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All-Day Ink Brow Liner

Browns Nº02


Browns Nº02
Blondes Nº01
Browns Nº02
Brunettes Nº03


Colour tattoo brow and highlighter for a naturally perfect, waterproof look that lasts up to 24 hours*. STEP 1: COLOUR TATTOO BROW With the special fluid texture of the matte finish, you can draw and intensify your brows with adjustable coverage. It dries quickly and stays perfectly all day, without smudges. The special pointed applicator allows you to outline and fill in your brows with precise, controlled lines, guaranteeing an easy, professional application. STEP 2: HIGHLIGHTER The highlighting formula is soft and velvety when applied and, with its sophisticated micro pearls, brightens your brow bone with a weightless texture for an immediate lifting effect.