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Creamy Delight

Burgundy Nº 20


Burgundy Nº 20
Antique Pink Nº06
Burgundy Nº 20
Cherry Red Nº 14
Coral Red Nº12
Cyclamen Nº 18
Geranium Red Nº 13
Golden Coral Nº11
Lacquer Red Nº 17
Marsala Nº 19
Mauve Pink Nº08
Orchid Nº07
Papaya Nº10
Pearly Baby Pink Nº01
Pearly Pink Nude Nº02
Pink Beige Nº03
Pink Peach Nº04
Powder Pink Nº05
Raspberry Nº 16
Sangria Nº 15
Strawberry Nº09


Creamy lipstick that glides gently on your lips for an ultra brilliant finish. The soft-textured product, with a brand new sensation, combines the shine and wet look of a gloss with the pleasantness and colour purity of a lipstick. Saturated colour for beautiful, luminous, full lips with the first swipe. The soft, silky formula smooths imperfections and gives a long-lasting, pleasant feeling of hydration, while the delightful fragrance makes applying it even more pleasurable. This lipstick, strictly paraben-free, is available in 20 brilliant colours. Neutral colours for the day and brighter shades for the evening. CREAMY DELIGHT LIPSTICK is enhanced by a practical, innovative and elegant casing: magnetic closure, high-quality rose gold reflections and fabulous Naj Oleari illustrations.