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Oleo Gel


Innovative gel-effect nail polish enriched with emollient oils. The full, intense colour guarantees perfect nail coverage and an ultra brilliant finish. The “gel-effect” composition is perfect for a manicure that is flawless, yet easy to achieve. The professional flat brush ensures quick, even application of the nail polish, without smudges. Emollient oils nourish your nails and create a protective film that extends the wear and prevents small chips. With a glossy texture, when dry, the nail polish is delicately perfumed with floral and fruity notes for a multi-sensory experience. OLEO GEL NAIL LACQUER is available in 30 colours, ranging from more classic to fun shades so you can adapt your look from one day to the next. Does not contain parabens, phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde, camphor.