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Plumping Kiss

Boreal Orchid Nº12


Boreal Orchid Nº12
Boreal Orchid Nº12
Candy Pink Nº03
Cotton Candy Pink Nº02
Crystal Nº01
Flamingo Pink Nº10
Grenadine Red Nº07
Holografic Pink Nº11
Natural Pink Nº04
Peach Sorbet Nº05
Pearly Caramel Nº06
Pearly Cyclamen Pink Nº08
Raspeberry Red Nº09


Hydrating lipgloss with immediate plumping effect. The intense, enveloping texture of PLUMPING KISS LIPGLOSS makes your lips soft and full without stickiness. The pure colours and special pearls brighten your smile, giving your lips a brilliant, luminous 3D glass-like effect. With spheres of hyaluronic acid in the formula, it only takes one application to achieve hydrated, soft and irresistibly plumped lips with a pleasant sensation of immediate freshness and a long-lasting firming effect. The contoured applicator is designed for quick application without smudges; it only takes a few seconds to achieve perfect, sensual lips. PLUMPING KISS LIPGLOSS is delightfully perfumed for an even more pleasurable sensation.