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True Icon

Amaranth Nº11


Amaranth Nº11
Amaranth Nº11
Ginger Bread Nº03
Grapefruit Pink Nº08
Intense Strawberry Nº07
Mallow Pink Nº05
Nigritella Red Nº12
Orange Red Nº09
Persian Rose Nº06
Pink Chestnut Nº04
Pomegranate Red Nº10
Powder Pink Nº01
Shell Pink Nº02


An ultra-modern interpretation of the classic lipstick, comfortable to wear and with a long lasting full colour. TRUE ICON LIPSTICK has An extraordinary texture, rich but light and with incomparable colour release, for lips that are unbelievably full and seductive. The special blend of powders and waxes creates a unique, almost velvety feel that transforms lipstick wearing into a whole new experience. The intense, saturated pigment is long-lasting, remains comfortable on the lips and won’t smear. With a delicate vanilla fragrance.